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User Adoption Problems

You’re not alone. Over the years, we’ve interviewed many project managers, change managers, technology teams and training consultants, and here are some of their most common user adoption challenges:

People don’t understand why systems are changing 70%

People are too busy to attend courses 95%

24 / 7 multi-lingual help-desk support is expensive 40%

Training is too expensive 80%

Cloud software is fast to scale – training slows the deployment 70%

It’s hard to measure the success of our training programme 55%

“Achieving a successful Office 365 rollout means focusing on driving adoption and ensuring everyone understands the benefits of working in a new way.”
Mike Grafham, Office 365 Customer Success, Microsoft

Our Solution: Traction365

Traction365 is a video-based solution that will prepare, train and support your organisation in using Microsoft Office 365. Our unique solution is made up of three types of videos, released in line with your deployment schedule:


‘Introducing’ videos communicate the vision behind the change programme and get your users excited about how the new ways of working will benefit them personally as well as the organisation.


The ‘Getting Started’ video gives all your users the essential knowledge they will need in order to be productive from day one – including necessary background information, an overview of the interface and any significant business rules.


Rather than one lengthy video, ‘How-to’ videos are purposely short and to-the-point, giving your users step-by-step guidance on how to perform a specific task.

Why use Traction365 videos?


Show don’t tell – watching a demonstration is the most effective way to learn.
Customised – branded to look and feel like your environment and to include your business rules.
Just-in-time learning – short, targeted ‘How-to’ videos ensure users get the answers they need quickly.

Available everywhere

Watch on any device – on projectors, TV screens, desktop monitors, tablets, phones.
Global coverage – provide your users with 24 / 7 support.
Multi-lingual support – switch the interface language, voiceover and/or subtitles.

Easy to deploy

Cost-Effective – no need to hire expensive trainers or venues.
Deploy quickly – your users learn Office 365 at their own desks.
Analytics – measure success and ensure all staff have been trained.

See Traction365 in action now!

In-house capabilities

including full animation and video production

Microsoft Partner

Traction365 responds to Microsoft Office interface developments

5 years experience

producing internal comms and training videos for Microsoft Office software

Positive Results

delivering Traction365 videos to organisations globally

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